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The cost of services of private detectives in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

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The main goal of our criminal-investigation agency (CIA) to provide protection and defence your investments in Russia and CIS countries.

Our criminal investigation agency is one of the most popular agencies protecting the interests of the foreign companies and persons at Russian and CIS territories. We well know the problems and difficulties which may emerge when foreign companies work with Russian organisations and business partners.

Every day the representatives of the companies from Austria, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Vietnam, China, India, Bangladesh, Agentine, USA and number of other countries turns to our help when the complex situation emerge on the Russian and CIS territories. The specialists of our agency provide next specialized services for more than 5 years:

  1. Information collection. This block includes the services on information collection about certain person (complete personal data, property, movements, characteristics material, the way of life, leisure time spending and much more), and also the information about legal entity (assets, financial situation, founders — stakeholders, members of the board, actioners, — trustworthiness, etc.)
  2. This blog includes services on the search of the debtor’s property, search of the stolen cars, search of the persons (his/her actual place of location at the present place), the search of the lost persons, search of the owner of the motor transport.
  3. Competitive business-investigation. This block includes operative procedures targeted for collection of all necessary information regarding the organisation under investigation. Such information may be as follows: data reflecting the financial and economic activity, the financial transactions on accounts of the company, the assets, actual revenue and profit, the costs of goods acquisition, clients and the providers of the company.
  4. Business security. This block of services includes the complex of activities directed at the counter parties check for fraud when the contracts are to be signed; personnel check at recruitement procedures; top management check on fraud or money laundry; business partners check; bugger check of the placements and auditoriums; lie detector check of the personnel; counter-surveillance, i.e. surveillance detection from competitors or special structures.
  5. Surveillance ‘Hidden external observation’. 24-hours round hidden observation of the person which helps you to collect information about: way of life of the person, his/her communications; interests and places of leisure; business and personal contacts, financial situation, etc. In the course of this service you would obtain complete information including the compromise one on the person you are interested in.
  6. Family affairs. This block includes the reveal of adultery; adultery provocation; return of the spouse back to family. Also the services may include the check of the children way of life and their communications/environment.
  7. The representation of interests of the foreign persons in the law enforcement structures of Russia. The representation of interests in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation (MVD), Federal Security Forces (FSB), tax structures, courts and other state structures of Russian Federation.

We would provide the protection of your rights and freedoms on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries. We would redeem you from endless queues, false lawyers who continue to pull money from their clients forever, from the corrupted officials extorting bribes and we would give you the possibility to solve the tasks of any level of complexity in maximally comfortable environment.